Month Five of Thinking Healthy Not Thin


So as I come off my non-failure failure month, I decided that I needed to do something vital for my health but more importantly attainable.

The worst thing a person can do in this journey to well-being is suffer a setback and then make an unrealistic goal for themselves. We’ve all done it. We gain ten pounds over the holidays or a vacation then do one of two things. Get a gym membership on January 1st and set a goal to work out five times a week—that’s what the skinny girls do, right?—or we just avoid the whole idea all together, and pretend the weight gain never happened because we are too afraid to see than number on the scale. The latter tends to be my MO, which is why any weight gain or bad eating habit tends to stick around awhile.

I am trying to change that way of thinking, but even now, five months in (six if you count the month I skipped) and I am still discussing weigh gain in my posts! I’m trying not to because this blog is about Thinking Healthy Not Thin, but it is a lot harder to shed that mind set than I thought it would be.

I mean, it’s almost summer!

It’s all well and good to say “I’m happy with my body!” when layers, cardigans, and long pants hide everything. But summer is only a few weeks away. Shorts weather and bathing suit season. Now, no amount of cellulite or chumpy arms have ever kept me out of a pool of a boat. Sure, I’m no longer a kid, so getting my hair wet, then having to dry off at some high school graduation party I never really wanted to attend holds no appeal. But you will not see me doing cannon balls at your next lame summer picnic either because “I love my body and I don’t care!” Pool parties are for teenagers IMO, and I am so over that LOL

Now…. get me in my boat with a cooler of beer and some friends and I’m the cannon ball queen! But I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a tiny corner of my mind that didn’t continuously think “Don’t look at my huge ass as I climb into the boat.”

So yeah, I would love to be in better shape for the summer.

“But, Deanna, you took an entire month off in your journey toward Thinking Healthy Not Thin,” you might say. “So what are you doing about getting in shape?”

Well, first I am telling the work-out freaks (Yeah I’m talking to you Cross Fit Weirdos) even though I’m a girl and I want to look and feel good, I am on a more important journey than your “leg days” and your power bars.

I am getting HEALTHY this summer!

Yeah, fitness plays a role in health, but I’m doing this for my life not just to wear bikini. Hell, I’ll do that anyways and you can just deal with my chub.

We all know that we need action to be healthy….aka known as the dreaded exercise, so I intend to tackle that in month six.

Yeah, I decided to put that out here now so I couldn’t get out of it. LOL

From the beginning of this journey, I chose to start from the inside out. Water and sleep—nailed it and still going strong, I must say 🙂 I began to work on healthful eating in Month Three with a food board. It has been helpful, though admittedly I only use it about half the time. Although, over the last few months, my stocked shelves of junk have greatly dwindled, so it’s harder and harder to make unhealthy dishes even if I don’t write them on my board. Hubby’s down with the healthful eating too. Just last night he said, “This fish would’ve been great served on a bed of spinach.”

Part of the reason I wanted to do the food board in month three was because I am hypoglycemic. My low blood sugar isn’t helped by me skipping meals. This isn’t a great habit to fall into, but hey, there I am. Having an idea of what I want to eat and having the food in my house helps, but that doesn’t mean I always eat it. I have a feeling making the five small nutrient packed meals a day will be as hard as adding back exercise. But that goal will have to be in future months.

So, I decided that in Month Five I am going to supplement the holes in my eating habits by getting back on a regimen of taking vitamins. And you can’t take vitamins on an empty stomach unless you wanna hurl so, I guess I’m gonna have to remember to eat lunch!

Now before anybody gets all fired up, I don’t care if you think vitamins don’t do any good. I happen to believe that adding key nutrients to your lifestyle is good for you. I’ve been an off-and-on vitamin taker my whole life and I definitely know that I feel better when I take them.

So I’m going to make sure I take my vitamins every day.

Sounds easy enough?

What am I going to take?

Well, my vitamin choice is a little varied, due to preferences, research, health issues, and whatnot.

Firstly, I found at my local health food store Potassium Plus Iodine by Now Foods for thyroid support. I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis which is very different than the low thyroid many women have because my body is actually destroying the thyroid hormone not merely producing low levels. This is definitely where I get my number on the scale obsession, because even my doctor warns me not to gain because it’s all but impossible to take it off.

Hey, a thyroid support vitamin that can help me control this disease, then why not?

Another Now Foods brand pill I chose is Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator. So many processed foods we consume make our livers work harder than they should and all of my grandparents died of some sort of digestive cancer so I try to take care of mine as best I can.

Click on the links to check them out for yourselves.

I also tend to go through cycles where a bunch my hair falls out, so I’m taking two vitamins to help with that. One is by It Works and is called Confianza. It’s an anti-stress formula, because half the time I’m overworked and stressed, LOL

No surprise there, am I right ladies?

I’m also going to take a more direct approach to this hair loss business by taking a great vitamin called Hair Skin Nails, also by It Works. I know a lot of people that swear by this vitamin and I have taken it, but never regularly so I am excited to see less hair in the shower–I bet my hubby will be too!HSNails

If you think the last two are something you want to try, go to and add them to your cart, then at checkout create an auto-ship and use my distributor ID# 5100493.

No I’m not trying to sell just sharing.

To some of you, this may sound like a lot of vitamins, and I can be pretty scatterbrained so how am I going to make sure I take them every day?

Remember those pill boxes you used to see on your grandparents counter as a kid to sort all their medicines?

Yup! I’m kicking it grandma style LOL I bought a weekly pillbox so I can stay prepared and organized 🙂 After all, these vitamins do no good just sitting in the cupboard, right?

I would encourage each of you to do some research as to what vitamins and nutrients you feel your body is lacking if you want to join me in this month’s goal. Or you can simply opt for a great multi-vitamin like It’s Vital. Whatever you chose, even the small step of taking your vitamins like your mama told you to when you were a kid, is just be one more step closer to Thinking Healthy Not Thin.

If you decide to take this goal and make it your own I would love to hear from you!

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Wish me luck!




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