Enjoy this 4th of July with EASY RYDER (NSFW excerpt)

With the 4th of July weekend underway, I wanted to share a sexy excerpt from my first full length novel, EASY RYDER, which takes place during the summer of ’76 during America’s Bicentennial weekend.

Hold onto your hats, because this one is NSFW and will be hotter than fireworks!


It’s July 3, 1976, the beginning of America’s bicentennial weekend, andEasyRyder_comp4 everyone seems to be celebrating their freedoms except eighteen-year-old runaway Michael Ryder. Fresh from rural Pennsylvania, Michael is doing whatever and whoever it takes to get to San Francisco, where he hopes to find a new life with the freedom to love without fear.

While hitchhiking, a mysterious, tattooed biker named Snake offers him a ride west—on the back of his customized Harley chopper. During their journey across Route 66, Snake introduces Michael to new and steamy pleasures, leaving Michael aching for more than just a physical relationship. But a violent encounter with a cruel biker gang and a harrowing secret from Snake’s military past might destroy their unlikely relationship long before they reach the end of the road.



Without warning, the engine slowed and the bike turned off onto an exit I hadn’t seen in the dark. I held on tight, thighs squeezing so I didn’t fall as he took the turn fast.
There were no stores or fast-food places at this exit, only trees, darkness, and more farm fields. After a few moments, the lights from the highway faded. He took another turn, gravel and dust billowing around us as he tore down a new road. The light from his round headlight cut into the pitch black of the dark country road and illuminated the brown stone of the road’s surface.
A spike of real fear hit me.
We were in the middle of nowhere, corn on either side. No houses, no light besides the half-moon in the sky. Dear God, what if he was one of those religious GIs on an insane mission to kill all the queers? I’d seen the cross tattoo on his arm….
I should’ve been smarter. What if he’d offered his dick to see if I’d touch him? Like a test or a trap? Maybe he got hard thinking about beating me up… what if he planned to hurt me?

Wild thoughts took control of my head, and my erection had completely withered by the time the bike stopped. Dread replaced desire as total darkness shrouded us.
“Get off.”
Fear forced me to obey. I wanted to run, disappear into the cornfield. In there, I’d have a chance.
His powerful body adjusted the bike easily until it propped up on the kickstand. When he dismounted the chopper and placed his riding glasses on the gas tank it struck me how much bigger he was than me. I had decent height, but he was stronger, tougher, and older. He had earned those dog tags. Maybe by being one of those soldiers who went crazy killing babies and villagers.
It would be easy to kill a queer after you were a baby killer.
Without saying anything else, he approached me hard and fast.
“Hey!” I held out my hands to hold him off, but he slapped them away.
Before I could bolt or brace myself against the coming blow, he grabbed me and yanked me into a hard kiss.
My cry of panic melted away as desire took its place, the switch in frantic emotions fueling a fresh surge of adrenaline. Knowing he didn’t mean me harm made me weak in the knees, and I let out a sob of relief. I grabbed onto him, trying not to collapse in shock and lust.
“So sexy,” he moaned around my lips.
We kissed like mad then, mouths moving over each other in a frenzy. This was the third man I’d kissed—the first creep in Pittsburgh and Karl being one and two—but it felt like my first. No one had ever told me a kiss could be this out of control. The teeth banging, hair pulling, the growling. Bodies writhing while hands searched for purchase. His tongue, long and strong, plunged almost to my throat. I allowed him to do as he pleased with my mouth, letting him guide me, teach me this erotic new experience. Soon, my tongue joined in the fray. He sucked it down, sending delightful sensations throughout my entire body.
I trembled, our hot breaths, the night insects, and the faint roar of a lone semi-truck passing on the distant highway the only sounds as we explored each other’s mouths. I hissed when he drew back and nipped at my neck. Then my hands found his huge cock again, stroking. Knowing he really did want my touch, my inhibitions dropped, fading away as I unfastened his leather belt and buried my face in his chest, licking through the hair, sucking his nipple the way I wanted to do to his cock.
“Oh, God,” he groaned in pleasure. With a shudder, he pressed my face into his chest.
Loving his responsiveness to my touch, I licked the hairy bud once more, then fumbled with the button on his jeans so I could get his erection in my grip.
This was my greatest fantasy come to life. I’d saved up my lunch money when I was fourteen to buy the Rolling Stones album, Sticky Fingers, not just because of the music but because of the sexy close-up of Mick Jagger’s crotch on the cover and his ass on the back—though I found out later it was a model. The inside of the album had him in his underwear too! I’d spent hours staring at the outline of that cock and playing with the working zipper on the cover, wishing I could unzip a pair of painted-on jeans from some sexy, manly guy. It hadn’t been the same when I undid Tommy’s jeans. He’d been just another boy.
This was a man.
The moonlight illuminated my hands as I lowered the zipper and pushed his jeans down his hips, the way I’d daydreamed doing with the album. My vision had grown used to the darkness by now, and I held my breath as he helped me get the jeans below his ass. With awe bordering on absolute reverence, I took his fiery organ in my hands. His groin area was lighter-skinned than his chest, but his huge veiny cock had grown dark with blood and lust. Unable to fathom the beauty of it, the massive size, and the
fact I was touching it, I pumped it a few times. He allowed me to play, to admire for a moment, then gently guided me onto my knees.
With a sigh, I knew what he asked for.
Damn, I wanted to give it too.
To be kneeling in front of such a magnificent specimen of manliness and sexual prowess did uncontrollable things to my insides. He held his cock out in invitation for me, and my hands trembled as I caressed it. Letting out a hungry whimper, I moved in to taste him.
With a grunt, he pulled me back, and spoke in a soft voice. “You sure you want to do this?”
I smiled up at him, hoping the desperate need for him would shine clear in my green eyes. “You saw me leave that truck, and that’s why you gave me a ride. Let’s not pretend we both didn’t hope this was how we would end up.”



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