Cupids on Valentine’s Day

What’s Valentine’s Day without chocolates, flowers, and cupids?

Just an ordinary day, LOL

If you’re looking for a great holiday themed book, look no further then my book NAUGHTY CUPID… its zero calories, I might add.

If you haven’t had a chance to read it, what are you waiting for? Reviewers loved it:

5 of 5 StarsOh my goodness! This was an amazing story. It had passion, humor, popculture, mythos, hurt/comfort, steamy sexy times and sweet romance.” – Morgan at Open Skye Book Reviews
5 of 5 Hearts “I LOVED this!  It was completely worth the wait for what the author delivered here and I just can’t seem to get over the feeling of utter satisfaction now that I’ve finished the book.” – Sarina at Love Bytes Reviews
It’s light, often funny, and occasionally deeply moving – well worth the time you’ll invest reading it… Go ahead, have fun. “Naughty Cupid” may just make your day. It made mine.” – Alan at Sinfully MM Book Reviews
“...if you’re looking for a read that is as funny as it is hot, then you will probably like this novel as much as I did. I am still laughing!” – Serena Yates at Rainbow Book Reviews

Here’s a peek inside the IDAC (Inner Dimensional Association of Cupids) where the title naughty cupid, Lio, meets up with his BFF Walter.




I jumped in pleasant surprise when I saw my best friend, Walter, hurrying down the hall to catch up with me.
A little smaller than me, Walter was slim and soft everywhere men were usually hard and linear. Curly blond hair framed his cherub-like face in a halo. Today he wore no shoes, just a sleeveless, lavender silk tunic. He had been born exactly three days after me, almost to the minute, and we’d been inseparable from the moment we met in preschool.
Walter threw his arms around me and gave me a big kiss, right on the mouth. His lips were soft and pillowy, not at all like Ethan’s pierced masculine ones. No scratch of stubble either. Cupids had very little body hair and rarely needed to shave. I’d always loved kissing Walter though we’d never been lovers. He was my best friend. Closer than a brother, even.
He meant everything to me.
His tongue slipped passed my lips momentarily, and I pulled back in surprise when I caught the hint of something musky. “You taste like cum.”
Walter giggled impishly. “Mmm, I know, right?”
“Were you hanging around the glory holes again?”
“I can’t stay away! It’s like crack,” he gushed. “LOL, sometimes there’s crack too!”
Chuckling, I hugged him close, feeling anchored, if just for a moment. The source inside me recognized him, swelling up to refresh my spirit. When he went to step back, I reflexively tightened my arms. He was the best part of my life, and the only person I could truly be myself around without fear of reprisals. He was my rock, the one thing that kept the overwhelming loneliness in check. I didn’t know what I’d done to deserve him, but if he ever left me, it would kill me.
He wriggled his hips into mine, squeezing me back. “Not that I’m complaining, but what’s with all the Lio-love?”
“Can’t I just hug you without a reason?” I whispered, clinging to him harder.
“Okaaay,” he said seriously, relaxing to let me hug him all I wanted. “Now, you’re starting to freak me out. Is there a pod somewhere with the real Lio?”
With a reluctant sigh, I released him. I took his hand in mine, though, still needing the contact. We went into the break room, a nice plush space with lots of lounge pillows and cupids chilling out in between shifts. I thought about grabbing a coffee while I waited, but I figured mixing caffeine with Aztec euforia was probably a bad idea.
Walter swung our clasped hands, smiling at me. “You working?”
“No, all done.” Hopefully that statement wasn’t a self-fulfilling prophecy.
“Wanna go make Valentine’s Day cards? There’s a group of us meeting up later. I have to buy the glitter, though. You could go to the store with me. We could pretend to be humans!”
I laughed, loving Walter’s innocent ways. I’d never been as silly as him—more like the straight man in our comedy routine, no pun intended—so making cards was not on my to-do list. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Valentine’s Day. The holiday was a big deal for us erotes. The IDAC used Dionysius’s catering company for the festivities, so shit got real crazy. Walter usually breaks out his diaper costume too. Most cupids were totally in tune with that lovey-dovey shit, but gone were my days of impassioned innocence—though I couldn’t deny I wished they weren’t.
I’d never fit in with the rest of the cupids at the IDAC, even those in GD. I always imagined myself standing on the sidelines, waiting for something, while they were all having the time of their lives without me.
Inside me, Ethan’s euforia swished.
“No cards for me, hon.” I ran a hand over my chest, hoping it would quiet the strange power. “I might have plans.”
“Might have plans?”
I didn’t elaborate because Walter would be so disappointed if he knew the truth of what I’d been doing with my arrows. I couldn’t bear the thought of seeing reproach in his blue eyes.
“Something is wrong,” he declared. “I can feel it. You’re different somehow….”
I squirmed under his scrutiny, wondering if he could sense Ethan’s euforia. I didn’t want to lie to Walter, not after the way he’d saved me all those years ago. Fed me, bathed me, and filled me with his pure sweet magic.
He waited for elaboration, but I was saved from having to explain when the break room door opened.
Walter’s fingers dug convulsively into my arm, and he let out a tiny squeak. “Eek!”
The visceral reaction of my body was instant.
The giant Aztec stopped short as if startled to find the two of us there, holding hands. “Lio,” he said, eyes wide. “I was looking for you.”
“You were?” I dropped Walter’s hand like a kid caught doing something they he weren’t wasn’t supposed to. Not really sure why I reacted that way, but the god’s sheer size and power made it impossible not to.


NAUGHTY CUPID                  


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