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5 of 5 StarsOh my goodness! This was an amazing story. It had passion, humor, pop culture, mythos, hurt/comfort, steamy sexy times and sweet romance.” – Morgan at Open Skye Book Reviews

5 of 5 HeartsI LOVED this! It was completely worth the wait for what the author delivered here and I just can’t seem to get over the feeling of utter satisfaction now that I’ve finished the book.” – Sarina at Love Bytes Reviews

5 of 5 Stars: “Lightheartered where it needs to be, emotionally heavy throughout and about much bigger issues that the blurb or title will ever suggest, this is a MUST READ for anyone and everyone who has ever believed in love or been given cause to doubt it.” –  Elle at Vampires, Crimes & Angels, Eclectic me

Book Review: Naughty Cupid, by Deanna Wadsworth

“It’s light, often funny, and occasionally deeply moving – well worth the time you’ll invest reading it… Go ahead, have fun. “Naughty Cupid” may just make your day. It made mine.” – Alan at Sinfully MM Book Reviews

“…if you’re looking for a read that is as funny as it is hot, then you will probably like this novel as much as I did. I am still laughing!” – Serena Yates at Rainbow Book Reviews


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The name’s Lio, and you may have read the beginning of my story in A Cupid’s Wager. Well, hold on to your hats, because there’s more to tell about your favorite cupid working in the Gay Division of the Inter-Dimensional Association of Cupids.

Remember Ethan? That Aztec god of the winds who busted me shooting a closeted human with a gay lust arrow? Yeah, I haven’t been able to forget him either. Even though I have a rule against getting it on with other supernaturals—especially ones working for the Straight Division—my magic is drawn to Ethan and all his tattoos and piercings in a way I cannot control.

But after that night of mind-numbing sex, now I gotta face my evil ex-boyfriend and a suspension by the IDAC for “misplacing” arrows. They took my quiver, and I have to figure out how to get my arrow privileges back before they’re taken forever.

Ethan seems to think he can help me, but I don’t know how anybody can make this cupid believe in love again.

1st Edition published as A Cupid’s Wager by Dreamspinner Press, 2014.

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