The Morning After

Who’s in the mood for some flash fiction? Once again, there was a fun prompt on the RRW forum–awkward work holiday parties! Here’s my little story. Enjoy!


Adam rolled over, head fogy and mouth dryer than a popcorn fart. He hadn’t been this hungover in ages.

Where the hell am I?

He squinted into the stripe of light breaking through the curtains. Was he… in a hotel room? He pushed himself up, blinking until the room came into focus and suddenly very aware of that familiar, tender feeling in his ass.

Then he heard the bathroom door open. When a tall, blond man drew up short, everything came flooding back.

Oh shit, I fucked my boss’s husband.

Well, more like he’d fucked Adam. Twice.

Hands sweating, he stared at the fully dressed man… Jared Preston. Trust fund brat to one of the most influential families in all of Georgia.

“Um, hey,” Jared fumbled, glancing around the room with the look of a guy about to dine and dash. “I thought you’d still be asleep.”

“Nope,” Adam replied.

“Um, this is awkward.”

“Yeah.” He chuckled nervously, mind slowly getting up to speed. “You don’t think Tamara saw us leave the party, do you?”

Tamara was the Schmidt in Edmond, Proctor & Schmidt, one of Atlanta’s most prestiegious law firms. A renowned socialite, his boss was a real ballbuster. She’d never lost a case and Adam was her twenty-second assistant. He held the record of working for her eight months and he thought she liked him. But he had a feeling sucking her hubby’s cock was a sure fire way to be the recipient of said ball busting. He could kiss that promotion goodbye now.

With a groan, Adam collapsed back on the pillows, hands over his face.

Dammit, why did you drink martinis? Light beer! Always stick with light beer at company events. Idiot!

“Look,” Jared began.

Adam popped one eye open when he felt the other guy sit on the edge of the bed.

“Tamara and I are getting a divorce,” he explained.

Adam couldn’t disguise his surprise. “You are?”

He spent every single second at the woman’s beck and call, even scheduling her mani-pedi appointments and he’d had no clue there was trouble in paradise. Though that dick in his ass last night should’ve been his first clue that her marriage wasn’t exactly what the society page portrayed.

“Yes, and it has nothing to do with this.” He gestured between their bodies, one fully clothed and ready to run, the other still naked under the thin hotel bed sheet. “I don’t think Tamara even has a clue I like guys. She filed a couple weeks ago because she said she doesn’t love me anymore. I guess I’m not ambitious enough.”


Jared shrugged. “Yeah, no one likes hearing that, but we’re trying to be adults about it. We wanna stay friends and we don’t want this to become a media circus. She insisted I come to the party for appearances’ sake. I’m living at our lake house until everything is final.”

Fidgeting, Adam drew the scratchy bedspread over his lap, feeling conspicuous all of a sudden.

“Last night was fun, but um….” Jared began.

“Yeah, we can’t do that again,” he interrupted, sudden panic about losing the best job he’d ever had crushing in on him. He couldn’t go back to waiting tables….

“Yeah, probably shouldn’t,” Jared agreed, giving him a tight lipped smile that didn’t quite travel to those sinfully lashed blue eyes.

Is he disappointed?

Before Adam had a chance to process that, Jared stood and picked up his car keys from the night stand. “Um, thanks again, Adam. It was fun.”

“Yeah, you’re welcome,” he managed, lifting his head off the pillow as Jared slipped out the door.

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